Design testing has arrived!

This week we're really excited to let you try our new feature Design testing. More information on that and how we're working to make global research easier below.

Design Testing has arrived! 🎨

We're excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature to our platform: Design Testing

This innovative new feature allows you to upload images of your mobile designs, think everything from mobile landing pages to specific mobile elements, and then request tailored feedback from participants. Our AI powered interviewer will then ask questions to find more about that topic and ask tailored follow ups based on the participants answers.

With Design Testing, we take advantage of Open AI's latest Vision model. This means that when asking questions our AI interviewer automatically understands what image the participant is seeing and so can bring information only found in the image into the question.

Design Testing allows you to collect the kind of visual based feedback that previously only possible by running moderated sessions yourself. Some examples of where to use it:

  • Information comprehension: the copy used in designs is critical to success but most of us don't have the luxury of a copy writer. This can quickly tested using Design Testing.
  • Pain point identification and fixes: when working on product we often know that people drop off at a specific screen but aren't sure why. Use Design testing to identify that why and test designs that you think will address the issues you uncover.
  • Feature discoverability: when adding a new feature it's essential that your users can find it and want to engage with it. Use Design testing to test if your new feature is easy to find - if not, then this is the best time to improve it.

Get started today by adding our new "Show" block to a new study.

We'll be continuing to improve Design Testing on Wondering over the coming weeks so watch this space for future updates. Check out our blog here to learn more about why we built this.

Run AI-led research studies in 7 languages :earth-africa:

We've made another big step on our journey to reduce barriers to truly global research. You can now run studies in 7 languages where we will automatically translate your participant responses back to English for easy analysis. Find out more here.

We're not stopping here though. More to come in the coming weeks.

Your feedback drives us forward

Please keep sharing your experiences and suggestions to help us continue improving the platform, your feedback is hugely valuable and appreciated!

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Happy researching!