Easily understand your study

Our new Study Overview page enables you to effortlessly track the progress of your study.

This page provides key highlights, such as the current count of target responses or interviews successfully recruited so far.

Additionally, we have included valuable insights to better understand the overall health of your study. You can access study views, responses per block, and the number of participants screened out due to logic. This information allows you to quickly identify any potential high drop-off rates on specific questions, empowering you to make necessary adjustments for optimal results. For example, in the screenshot above, it is really clear that the majority of study participants are being screened out on block 2.

Easier access to customisation

We love our customisation features and so we've promoted access to them to the sidebar, plus made some tweaks to how you can configure your widget. More coming soon, so watch this space :eyes:

As part of this change we also combined the Events and Integrations section. So now you can find details on your triggers, attributes and recent events fired under Integrations.