Send GBP incentives, better reminders and simplified consent

We've released a bunch of changes to make it easier to participants quickly for instant and scheduled user interviews.

Send incentives in GBP

You can now choose to display incentives in GBP to participants. This helps customers based in the UK incentivise and pay participants in their local currency, and increases trust. When you add an incentive to a User Interview block, you'll now see a currency drop down where you can choose between "GBP" and "USD":

Better user interview email reminders

We've made the confirmation emails and reminders that user interview participants get more friendly and personal, helping you build trust with your participants before a user interview starts.

Simplified consent management

We've simplified the standard consent we require from participants, meaning you no longer need to add a custom consent block to studies containing user interviews blocks. You can still choose to add consent blocks if you want to collect consent to your own custom terms.