Improved results and interview feedback

Discover our latest enhancements in AI-led interviews, featuring a new, organized response table and an upgraded audio feedback system for an improved research experience.

Revamped individual responses

Individual responses within the study are now organized in a table. This table format not only enhances readability but also simplifies navigation, allowing you to quickly access the responses that you’re looking for.

You can also see real-time insights into participant engagement by monitoring the number of participants currently active on your study.

Our redesigned UI includes intuitive navigation buttons, making it effortless to switch between participant responses.

Big improvements to our interviews

The upgraded audio recording graphic is designed for clearer visual feedback, ensuring participants can easily understand when their voice is being recorded and if the audio level is optimal. This, along with other performance enhancements, contributes to a smoother interview experience, especially for longer responses.

On top of this we’ve changed how we handle errors e.g. if a participant spoke too quietly. Although we loved presenting the error as part of the conversation we received feedback that it meant that participants were unsure of the question they were answering. So we changed it, check out the new version below:

And that’s not all….

  1. Google Single Sign-On (SSO) Improvements: we’ve reduced the permissions that we request and now automatically populate your name and profile picture for easier onboarding.
  2. Study Generation fixes: we’ve made some improvements here to ensure the study is created in the language that you request and some smaller bug fixes.

Your insights are invaluable to us. Please keep sharing your experiences and suggestions to help us keep improving.

We're excited for you to experience these improvements. Try them in your next study and see the difference for yourself! Or if you’re new to Wondering, register here now and get 5 free panel credits to help you get started.