Let AI create and name your studies

Today, we've launched two updates that make it easier to save time on the first point - how quickly you can build and launch a study that you're happy with.

Let AI create your studies and study blocks for you

To help you create and launch high quality studies even faster you can now use our purpose-built AI to create completely new studies around any research goal you have. Simply define your research goal, and Wondering's AI will create a draft study for you.

The new AI-powered study builder will autonomously add study blocks that are relevant to help you reach the goal with your study.

Let AI name your studies and blocks

Naming things can be a pain. Wondering now automatically gives each study and study block a relevant name based on the content you add, so that you can let your team know what each study is about.

Export your AI-powered conversations to CSV

Each team's workflow looks slightly different, and we're here to support you in getting your research data to the tool, repository or hub where you prefer to dig even deeper into your data. Our new AI-powered studies now support CSV exports, so that you can export the conversations.