Interview your participants in any language with AI

You can now interview customers in any language with multilingual AI-led user interviews.

Truly multilingual AI powered research

As companies expand globally, the scope of their research must also grow to encompass the diverse range of countries, cultures, and languages that they work with. However, the reality is that many companies still conduct their research studies in a single primary language, hindered by the complexities and costs of translation.

We’re committed to making the world feel closer together by empowering teams to build products that serve all of their customers, no matter who they are, through research that is more inclusive and representative. To enable this, we've released an update that will allow researchers to conduct truly multilingual research without the need for expensive and time consuming translation.

To embark on your multilingual research journey with Wondering, simply create AI-powered studies in your chosen language. Our platform will automatically present the study in participants' preferred languages. Optionally, you can set a default language for your study.

When you're ready, share your study with our global panel of testers, or directly in your product. Each question in your study will be automatically translated to the appropriate language using state-of-the-art large language models. This ensures that participants can provide genuine, authentic and unfiltered responses no matter how fluent they are in the English language, which is crucial for the integrity of your research.

Participants also have full control over which language the study is displayed in, and can change the language before they begin the interview.

Upon completing each AI-led interview, Wondering translates the transcripts back to English and applies our AI analysis to identify patterns and key insights. You receive transcripts in both the original language and English, allowing for effortless analysis by English-speaking team members.

Full screen previews

We've also introduced full-screen previews for studies, enhancing the way you build and review them. This feature accurately simulates the end-user experience across different platforms.

We can’t wait to see what new insights these new features will enable you to collect. To get started, sign up to a free trial of Wondering here.

Happy researching!