Web SDK Overview

The Wondering SDKs allow you to target participants and conduct moderated video interviews and surveys research directly within your website by integrating Wondering directly into your product. When you install Wondering, you add Wondering code to your website. This code allows you to display studies such as in-product surveys on your website based on triggers and attributes you define.

If you install Wondering using our JavaScript SDK, you first copy and paste the Wondering code snippet into the HTML of your website. You can also integrate Wondering using Google Tag Manager, which is a tool Google has built to help you add and manage code snippets on your website. For more information on web installation see the relevant page:

Once your initial setup is complete, we recommend verifying and testing your integration. When complete this will allow you to start a study on any page of your website on wondering.com.

To get more out of Wondering you can:

  • Set up Code Triggers to get finer control over when a study is displayed.
  • Add User Attributes to filter who is shown the study.
  • Set the Identify to pass your user ids to the Wondering platform.