Verify & Test Your Installation

Verifying your installation

After you've integrated Wondering on your website and it's been triggered for the first time (after a user visits your web application), the installation status will change to "Verified". You can view this status on the JavaScript SDK page:

If your integration is still appearing as "Not verified", please double-check that you've installed the snippet on your page and make sure to visit the page at least once. This will trigger the snippet to tell Wondering you've integrated your script correctly.

Testing your installation

After you launch a study using the Wondering website widget, a subset of the users that match your targeting criteria will be able to see your study. A few settings control who can see a study deployed through the Wondering widget:

  • Each study can only be displayed to a user once. Users are not re-exposed to the same study twice. If you want to see the same study twice when you're testing your installation, you can re-enter the study again from an incognito window or clear your browser cache (if your study is running on web).
  • Depending on the Repeat study cooling period you have set for your workspace, users will have to wait before they are eligible for a new study. For example, if your Repeat study cooling period is set to 5 days, users will not be eligible to enter a new study until 5 days after they entered a previous study.
  • The Wondering widget is automatically rate-limited to make sure that you have control over how many users see the widget at once. This means you may not always see your study when you're testing if your product is also visited by other users at the same time.

If you want to force a study to appear for testing purposes, you can add the following parameter to the end of the URL you are visiting: ?wonderingpreview=true. For example, if you are running a study on the website, you could visit to force any study you are eligible for to appear.

We're here if you need support

If you have any troubles installing Wondering on your website and verifying your installation, feel free to reach out to our support team here.