Technical Considerations

Asynchronous loading, distribution and snippet size

To improve the performance of any applications where Wondering is installed, the JavaScript snippet loads asynchronously. We try to keep the wondering.js script as small as possible. We distribute this script with AWS's CloudFront as a CDN.

Uptime & status

For an up to date view of the status of the Wondering services, check out our status page.

Platform support

Wondering supports implementation on web applications.

Will the JavaScript and CSS in the Wondering JavaScript snippet interfere with the styling and functionality of my website?

CSS: All CSS styling in the Wondering JavaScript snippet is scoped to only apply to the elements in the Wondering widget. Each HTML element in the widget has a unique ID which is prefixed with ribbon-widget-element- to make sure our CSS styling doesn't interfere with any other elements on your website.

JavaScript: The JavaScript in the Wondering snippet is vanilla JavaScript and designed to not interfere with your website.